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Hiring dependable, qualified candidates is more difficult than ever. You need a way to recruit people that want to work.

If your company is hiring and wants to recruit, you can use radio to reach the passive job seeker; you can use digital advertising to reach the active job seeker or use Tallahassee Virtual Job Fair  and reach BOTH!


We reach the ‘Passive’ Job Seeker.

The people you need on your team are probably already employed. They aren’t looking in the newspaper classifieds. They aren’t searching job boards. You need to chat with them during their busy day, in their car, traveling to work, at work, taking the kids to practice, even on their cell phones and smart home speakers. We use RADIO advertising to present your employment opportunity for them. If interested, when presented with a better opportunity, they are more likely to apply. Plus, RADIO reaches the passive job seeker’s network of friends and family.

We target ‘Active’ Job Seekers.

These are candidates who are looking for a new job. We target them with digital display ads to their desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. We target them based on jobs they are searching for online… job boards they are visiting… and we can even target your competitor’s employees by delivering them your digital ads on their mobile phones. 

We help you reach both.

We reach both ‘passive’ and ‘active’ job seekers with an Online Job Fair for three weeks. It is heavily promoted across our four LOCAL radio stations, social media, station websites, and emails. This allows you to pull in additional prospects to apply.

Let us help ease your hiring burden.

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